How do you sell cars?
  We only sell cars through the monthly auction.

Do you sell parts? No, you purchase the whole vehicle. If you want the vehicle for parts, it is your responsibility to then register it or dispose of it at a salvage facility after you remove any parts you want.

Do all the vehicles have keys? Not all vehicles have keys. We can recommend you a locksmith to have keys made if we don’t have them.

Do I receive the title?
No, you will get a lien sale packet. Title info will be on the windshield of each car. Once you register the lien packet with DMV they will send you a new title.

Can I test drive the vehicles? Due to liability issues we cannot permit test drives. During the auction we will have our employee start and move each running vehicle.
Can I work on a vehicle after I purchase it? For insurance and liability reasons, working on vehicles on the property is strictly prohibited. You may change a tire for purposes of driving or transporting the vehicle only. We will not issue tools.
What if I can’t remove the vehicle? We can make arrangements to tow it for you. Please let the main office know and they will coordinate it with you.
I’ve never been to an auction before, what should I do? Keep your bidder paddle handy. Be mindful of waving it around, you may be mistaken for making a bid on accident. Pay attention and speak up if you are not being noticed. Stay in the auctioneer’s eyesight. We make every attempt to spot all bids but if you are not in the auctioneers line of sight, we may miss it. Once the vehicle is announced “SOLD” the final decision is up to the auctioneer. If you do not plan to stay for the entire auction, return your bidding paddle to the auctioneer and exit quietly, being considerate of the other participants.








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